The intertwining of life, thinking and perception

Young master, please walk slowly.

The flowers wither, the autumn wind brushes past, taking away the heart of the departed.

At first sight, you wore a green robe. You saw the complexities of the world, the fireworks by the broken bridge, and the dust falling from the sky. We met in the height of summer, but parted in the desolation of autumn.

By the ancient bridge, amidst the misty rain of the city, tourists gathered. Some admired the flowers, some wrote poetry, some drank wine, some made music. It was a joyous occasion. Quietly looking back, we met each other's gaze, deep and profound, like startled swans passing by. From afar, we couldn't see each other. As we approached on horseback, we were filled with joy.

Facing each other on horseback, we made a promise to visit, to enjoy the misty rain together, a fortunate experience in this life. You held a small boat, carrying me through the lonely misty rain, heading towards the green house. After three rounds of tea, we strolled through the market, watching the sunset and the flying ducks. If life were only as it was at first sight, this girl would never forget. We bid farewell to the remnants of the sunset, entered the door, and turned wine into light, talking all night long. Through several sighs and joys of different lifetimes, it's laughable that my fate is in my hands, not in the heavens.

We wandered through the bustling city, witnessing the splendor of the world. Facing each other on horseback, you are a fairy in this lifetime. If it weren't for you coming to this place, there wouldn't have been the person who sang and played the strings on the night tower, dancing and singing, enjoying the hardships and the splendor of the world. Countless sorrows were shared, and night dances and flute music accompanied us. So why worry, my gentleman? My gentleman, please share your worries with me.

Alone, I arrived at this place, meeting you, my gentleman. Fortunately, you came, and I became yours. It's a rare encounter in three lifetimes, wandering the city with you. This feeling can be cherished as a memory. My gentleman, please don't leave.

Time has passed, and it's been three seasons. It's time for the lady to leave. My gentleman, don't be sad about our parting. I turn my body and cover my face, shedding tears. Looking at each other from a distance, my gentleman leaves on horseback. Endless longing, endless thoughts. I accompany you for a thousand miles. Waving goodbye with tears in my eyes, I don't know when we will meet again.

With one farewell, three autumns have passed. In the deep night, I can't sleep, thinking of you. Holding your letter in my hand, I don't know what your words mean. I toss and turn all night, unable to sleep, not knowing when you will return.

Who is it, dancing lightly in a thousand years of sorrow?

Who is it, intoxicated in the high tower, dancing and expressing emotions?

Who is it, speaking of sorrow in the bustling streets?

Wearing a light fragrance, disturbing the memories of the past, dreaming in the spring and autumn clouds, lingering in the Tang Dynasty's picturesque misty rain, and getting drunk in the Song Dynasty's rouge and makeup. Outside the attic, beyond the mountains and rivers, beyond the streets and markets, beyond thoughts, who is gently playing the sandalwood board, slightly opening the vermilion lips, with a jade-like beauty, singing and swirling? Who comes gracefully, with deep emotions, flowing through the ages?

A thousand lifetimes of waiting for one day, fearing that your future will be tied to someone else's life. But still, remember this promise, my gentleman, and take your time, young master.

(Note: The translation provided is a poetic interpretation and may not be a literal translation of the text.)

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